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Vocal Health Consultation/Screening (virtual) This is a one-on-one private consultation and can be tailored to your specific concerns. Whether it is a sudden decline in capabilities or a more gradual decline, a vocal health screening consultation can help you determine next steps. My primary concern is your vocal health. Although I am a licensed speech pathologist in the state of Michigan, this consultation is not intended to diagnose or replace a medical evaluation by a voice care team including a laryngologist. I will help you identify a medical voice care team nearest you. I can also arrange to be available FaceTime during your medical evaluation. I will provide you with initial steps and strategies to help support you as you await a medical evaluation. Follow up after will depend on your state of residency and needs. Although I do not to formal rehabilitation out of the state of Michigan, we can tailor a collaborative follow up program in conjunction with your local speech pathologist and/or voice teacher to support your path to recovery.

Pricing $200/60 minute session

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