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Singer 911/Voice Re-Conditioning (virtual or live)- Singer emergencies happen. This is a one-on-one session tailored to you needs and can be scheduled within 24 hours (fee will apply).  This is not a clinical visit and follow up with a laryngologist will always be recommended if appropriate. However, recommendations and interventions will be made while you await medical consultation.

(if needed). Some topics generally covered/requested:

  • Singer massage (self-guided or live)

  • Vocal re-set and recovery after illness or heavy voice use

  • Post COVID transition to singing

  • Voice screening looking for signs of phonotrauma (swelling)

Session Pricing- $200/60-minutes, $150/45-minutes

Voice, musical theatre, theatre students and early career performers (1-2 yrs) contact me for reduced pricing, available on a limited basis.

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