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One on One

Teacher Mentoring, Voice Consultation and Training (virtual/live)


There are a variety of reasons singers seek private voice consultation. Typically, singers are seen for technical trouble shooting issues that they have been unable to work through on their own or with their teacher. Sometimes singers are crossing over into another genre and seek consultation to assist with the transition safely.  The initial consultation typically lasts about 75 minutes. This consists of an extensive interview and vocal history including discussion of vocal concern and onset and progression of problem and extensive exploration of the voice including strengths and limitations.  A program is designed specific to the singer’s needs. Subsequent sessions are typically 60 minutes and singers are seen for 3-10 sessions in total returning for check-ins on an as needed basis.


Teacher or SLP mentoring is available for voice teachers or speech pathologists looking to optimize their voice teaching, or clinical practice using science-informed, evidence-based approaches including how to use exercise physiology and motor learning principles to take your teaching to the next level. Mentoring is highly personalized to your needs. 

Session Pricing:

Initial 75-minute Consultation-$275 USD

60-minute follow up session-$150

45-minute follow up session- $115

Contact me for pricing packages

Voice, musical theatre, theatre students and early career performers (1-2 yrs) contact me for reduced pricing, available on a limited basis.  

Singer 911/Voice Re-Conditioning- Also see separate description  (virtual or live)- Singer emergencies happen. This is a one-on-one session tailored to you needs and can be scheduled within 24 hours (fee will apply).  This is not a clinical visit and follow up with a laryngologist will always be recommended if appropriate. However, recommendations and interventions will be made while you await medical consultation.

(if needed). Some topics generally covered/requested:

  • Singer massage (self-guided or live)

  • Vocal re-set and recovery after illness or heavy voice use

  • Post COVID transition to singing

  • Voice screening looking for signs of phonotrauma (vocal fold swelling)

Vocal Health Consultation/Screening (virtual) Also see separate description.  This is a one-on-one private consultation and can be tailored to your specific concerns. Whether it is a sudden decline in capabilities or a more gradual decline, a vocal health screening consultation can help you determine next steps. My primary concern is your vocal health. Although I am a licensed speech pathologist in the state of Michigan, this consultation is not intended to diagnose or replace a medical evaluation by a voice care team including a laryngologist. I will help you identify a medical voice care team nearest you. I can also arrange to be available FaceTime during your medical evaluation. I will provide you with initial steps and strategies to help support you as you await a medical evaluation. Follow up after will depend on your state of residency and needs. Although I do not to formal rehabilitation out of the state of Michigan, we can tailor a collaborative follow up program in conjunction with your local speech pathologist and/or voice teacher to support your path to recovery.

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